Free Printable Santa Letter

With Christmas fast approaching, it is an exciting time for the good boys and girls to write their letters to Santa. 

I have included 8 different style of letters for you to chose from.

Why not make it more fun and unique to your child by printing out a black & white letter that also doubles as colouring in fun. Or choose one of the designs that requires your child to create their own content. 

Even more fun….once Your child has the letter completed, you can post the letter and get a reply from Santa himself.. ho ho ho

Receive a reply from the North Pole

Imagine the excitement of receiving a letter in the post from Santa.

Royal Mail are making this possible for your child. 

All you have to do is write Santas address, put a stamp on the envelope and make sure you include the full name and address on the letter inside. But remember to post it by 11th December! 

Check out Royal Mail website for more information.

My designs have plenty of room to include your address or alternatively you can place it on the back. 


8 Free Printable Designs to chose from

Select your choice of design, download and print

Let your child have fun filling in the blanks and adding content.

Give them some extra fun colouring in the Black and White designs.

I hope you have fun creating the letter for Santa and making memories.

 I always find writing Santa letters such an exciting, magical experience… especially when accompanied by some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

If you experience any problems with the downloads or have any questions please feel free to send me an email 

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